December Menu

It’s nothing fancy, but here’s our December meal plan.

Bryan helped me this time, because I had put it off until the last minute, surprise, surprise! So, we started by asking the kids for ideas while I filled in our staple Taco Tuesday and Fish Fridays. They rattled off some ideas that they will eat, and the big kids can help make. We also talked about lunch and breakfast ideas.

Breakfast is pretty basic and lunch is too. It’s gotta be a few things that we can rotate around and almost all can be made/reheated by the kids in case my time is being dictated by a crabby/nursing/sleeping toddler.

The kids were helpful until it got too distracting and I whispered to Bryan that this planning time used to be peaceful for me. So we let the kids go play and I browsed through one of my current library books for some new recipe inspiration.

I put almost all of the new recipes on Monday, and since we have the whole month off from homeschool for our winter break, I’m hoping new meals don’t feel like too much work for a Monday night.

We made sure to consider all holidays and birthdays for the month, and we tried to use up what meat we have in the freezer to make space for Bryan’s upcoming butchering in January. Bryan added what we needed to the grocery list, I added what we needed to the Azure order. Our hope is to make it through the month of December with just two or so trips to the store for milk and other odds and ends. The less trips, the less times we can overspend. As for the budget… maybe $1000?? The last few months have been wishful thinking and we spend more like $1400, so I hold that section of budget with an open hand and realize food is our only fun right now! Ha!

We worked our menu all out Sunday and by Monday, we were already needing to make changes to the meal that night. But the beauty of stocking up for enough meals for a month or more is that you can pretty easily make changes when you need, or make a meal for a friend, and just switch up things when ya need. ❤️