Pregnancy Loss & Grief

An artist’s clay model of a baby 7/8 weeks along, in a resin heart. I ordered this off Etsy a week after I lost Autumn because I needed something to hold onto from my baby.

At first sight I was upset because Autumn was much smaller, more likely 6 weeks along. And his or her skin was translucent, showing the tiny details of eyes forming, a spine, and what I guessed was a heart. No tiny arms or legs yet.

You’re not supposed to really know what your little baby looks like at that time, it’s heartbreaking. I never saw the baby I lost at 5 weeks ten years ago, so it has amazed me to have seen this one. They grow and change so fast.

I learned a lot from Autumn, that God can knit something so perfectly tiny, and that children are truly such a gift. ❤️