Sometimes it takes a village to raise a dog. Annabelle used to run from Bryan’s parent’s farm all the way to town, just to have a spa day. 😂 I went on a few truck rides to go pick up her and Leroy, or her and Lucky, from an adventure. She was a wanderer, and when we got her, we kept her fenced in for a few years until she grew into that old bloodhound, laying around, snoring in a shady spot in the yard. But there was always energy for a trip to Bob and Dorothy’s across the road. She would head over and howl her demands for a treat, which was granted at each of her several trips a day. Bob or Dorothy would walk her back across the road, knowing she would be back promptly at her next scheduled visit. She was very punctual, visiting them like clockwork. 😂 Annabelle never missed a visit with her favorite people, until this morning, when I found her peacefully passed on, laying in one of her favorite sleeping spots. She truly lived it up until the end. ❤️😭🙏🏼