Baby Stumpf #5!

We found out recently that we have a bit of news to share!


Baby # 5 is due around December 23rd, my mom’s birthday! We couldn’t be happier and the kids are already excited to meet their little brother or sister!

I started to suspect something was up when I couldn’t stomach coffee anymore, and I absolutely love coffee. I’m drinking mostly tea and water with a drop of lemon to keep my stomach settled. This baby is also making me super hungry for meat and I always imagine when Phoebe was pregnant with triplets and craving giant, meaty sandwich every time I make a big salami sandwich for breakfast.  Right now we are trying to figure out if the tiny 7th seat in our vehicle will really fit a seventh person. And all the kids want to know how old they will be when he or she is born. If the due date is right, we will have a 9, 7, almost 6, and 3 year old when this baby joins our family!