Mothering from Wellness

I have a quote at my desk that says, “A mother’s love is beyond measure.” And it’s completely true. We happily give whatever we have to see our children happy and healthy. We want the best for them. We ache when they are hurting, and their smiles make all of the pain of pregnancy, birth, and constantly drinking cold coffee completely worth it.

We pour everything we have into caring for our little kids, eating leftovers off their plates because we don’t get time to eat, trying to keep up with the non-stop laundry, and barely getting time to shower without someone needing us again. I struggled with getting pregnant at first, but once I became a mom, we quickly added to our family. I soon found myself a mom of 3 kids, 3 1/2 years old and under. In the midst of having babies, we tragically lost my father-in-law, and recovery from losing him was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I was the farthest from a thriving mother at this point. I would start everyday by praying that God would give me the ability to not lose it when my kids wouldn’t nap because I felt overwhelmed by the stress of being spread too thin. But, no matter how hard I tried, I always failed, every day. I just couldn’t believe how hard and relentless this mothering thing was. I kept searching for ways to keep myself a bit more balanced and I finally found myself giving into what I can only imagine was God’s nudge for self-care. (Mothers are after all one of his children too, but we are not always very kind to ourselves.)

I purchased a kit of essential oils in August of 2015, and was due to have another baby in late November. I got my kit, had our fourth baby and life went on. After almost a year of owning them, I had never really taken the time to use my oils and I was still really struggling as a mother. I’m obviously not a very fast learner! I finally get all the little oil bottles out and realize I have no clue where to begin. I decided to start with the one labeled Stress Away and my journey to wellness as mother officially began. I used that oil everyday, and began learning about ways to use essential oils to help myself and support my emotions. It’s such a freeing experience to finally feel like yourself again!! It doesn’t stop the massive laundry piles that keep growing, and the mess your kids are making while you’re reading this, but taking a few minutes to apply some calming oils, or dropping some uplifting oils in the diffuser, was all it took to finally get me back on track as a mother. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to start using them. I definitely wish I had their support way back when I first became a mom. But, we just do the best we can with what we know. And I now have the knowledge to teach my kids how to use oils to help their little emotions as they grow and learn about themselves.  I am thankful for being introduced to a healthy way to take care of myself. I am forever humbled that God would listen to and answer my prayers.

My hope is that every mother can feel empowered by using essential oils as a way to care for herself and her entire family. It might feel like a big step, but you are not alone! I can help you start small as you learn how essential oils can change your life. Simply click on my link to sign up for your membership here. Choose to become a member (similar to Sams or Costco membership) and then pick your favorite kit: 11 oils and your choice of diffuser, a natural home cleaning kit with the amazing Thieves cleaner, or the powerful Ningxia Red nutritional drink kit. Email me at after you sign up or if you have any questions and I’ll be so happy to get you started on your own personal wellness story!

Lots of Love,