Today is Full of Surprises

With country life comes some really great perks, and then there are days when a mouse runs out from behind the bathroom sink while you’re trying to pee. #momlife right? We can’t ever have privacy!

So an old farmhouse in the county is not always the cozy, simple place we imagine. It’s a lot of mess and finding things like dried field-corn on the cob under your couch. You’re welcome little nosy mouse.

It’s having no storage and weird spaces, because after the invention of indoor plumbing, the front entrance gets closed off to make a hallway into a bathroom. And no mud room, even though there is so much mud!

I’m thankful for the space we have to enjoy the outdoors and the barn cats who I’m currently trying to lure in the house to snuggle with us and scare off the field mice. I’m thankful for the quirky parts of our home that keep life interesting. And mostly, I’m thankful for the humbling aspect of having an adorable little rodent remind me that life, especially in the country, is never going to be perfect.