Sleeping on the Kitchen Table

I always end up not sleeping well when we’re camping. I’m writing this while I lay on the kitchen table made into a bed, listening to everyone else snore, or at least breathe peacefully in their sleep.

I tend to have inspiration strike on our trips and want to get started working, so I stay up at night writing and going through photos.

It makes for fun days when the fact that I woke up at 1 am catches up to me.

Anyway, I start out sleeping on the girl/baby side of the camper and move to the table bed when it gets too crowded. Bryan sleeps soundly on the boys’ side of the camper.

We have similar split up sleeping duty at home, too. I take care of the baby and he takes the little one who is bumped from the spot as baby. My Aunt let me in on that parenting tidbit of mom-guilt relief and I’m sure it’s one of the only ways I’ve survived the sleep deprivation that is motherhood of multiple not-so-great sleepers.

Since we’ve always been a nearby sleeping family, camping is really not much of a stretch for us in our tiny camper. At home, when Bryan and I realize it’s been a while since we actually get to sleep by each other, we make changes to the sleeping arrangements. It’s why we have a twin bed pushed up next to our king bed. It’s the spillover bed. Or the nurse-the-little-one-to-sleep-and-get-back-in-bed-with-Bryan bed. It’s a lot of work parenting at night sometimes!

The way we survive parenthood and motherhood, especially, is fascinating to me. I love when things are going just right, you get in a groove and have a great thing going.

You are feeling like you have this mothering thing down. That is just about the time things will change. Someone will give up naps or start having bad dreams and need comfort at night.

Maybe you will just be an insomniac who stays awake with thoughts and inspiration. Write those feelings down. It’s an incredible journey to make the best of the tiring work that is motherhood.