Adding to Our Collection

We spent most of the day yesterday in the truck, starting our day with church, and leaving from there to drive all over Southern Illinois picking up some old farm equipment, and making a stop to visit family along the way. It’s always an adventure with a vehicle full of kids!

The two gas station coffees throughout the trip helped. I had my first pumpkin spice cappuccino, at least the first that my mom brain can remember, and it was delicious. It made the giggles and screeching coming from the backseat, after sugary gas station snacks, more bearable. After my treat was gone, I pulled out my Peace and Calming roller and swiped some oil on who ever I could reach and encouraged them to take a nap. It’s worth a try!

We spent a few hours with Grandma and Grandpa, eating together and listening to stories. When your Grandpa is 95, you take full advantage of listening to the way things used to be. I can’t imagine any better way to learn about the past than from loved ones. I feel blessed that my kids get to sit on the shiny, sun-soaked living room floor, playing with toys that I remember as a child, while hearing stories of the past.

The final stretch of our journey was after sunset. The plows were secured on the trailer and we had one more bathroom break request before we could make it home. With a sleeping toddler, Bryan and I took turns running kids inside and getting our last coffees of the day. Not far down the road sad little cries started drifting up to the front seat. The last thirty minutes of a trip can be the longest ever. We’ve had times I’ve considered getting a hotel room if one was around because the crying can just break me. I assured the car seat-weary kiddo we’d be home soon and thankfully he slept quietly most of the way home. There is never a better feeling than crawling into your own bed after a long day of travel!