Today, Because It’s Tuesday…

Trying to clean up from lunch and I find this. Someone is always hungry right after a meal!

Today, because it’s Tuesday, we cleaned bedrooms at our house and because I always overdo it, I emptied an extra closet out that was still full of jackets and shirts we never wear. I filled two trash bags to go to the thrift store.

Lately we’ve been dropping a couple bags of clothes off every few days on our way to town. (I’ve been a bit of a clothes hoarder with needing to keep hand-me-downs!) It is so refreshing that my kids now have entire dressers that are empty. I don’t have to store boxes of jeans to pass down through the boys, because none of my kids actually like jeans.

I don’t wash the “I don’t want to wear this so I’ll just throw it on the floor clothes” anymore because those clothes are gone. It’s been such a process since becoming a mom and wanting to keep every sweet little baby outfit, to feeling blessed to have just what we need and sharing the rest with others.

We still have a long way to go with freeing up our space and time, but I’m really happy with the progress. Are you working on having less to care for in your home? I hope it is going well and you are feeling blessed by giving to others as well!