It’s Monday!

I saw the shadow of a hummingbird on the curtains this morning, as Oliver and I were in the house. I grabbed my camera and zoom lens. I have been trying for weeks to get a picture of a hummingbird and a shy little Monarch butterfly and I haven’t been able to do either.

We headed out the door and I tried to wait patiently for the hummingbird to return while Oliver wandered across the driveway to check out the little chicks. I spotted a happy little bumble bee in the crape myrtle and decided to give up on the hummingbird and photograph him instead. He was quick and while getting nectar, he is hidden in the flowers, so I just started clicking and got a cute little shot of his tongue sticking out as he comes in for a landing!

Looks like he’s anticipating how good these flowers on our Crape Myrtle are going to taste.
I caught this little guy taking off from a Canna Lily leaf. Looks like he’s a flustered mess, pretty much the way I look on a Monday morning.
Here’s a one of those strange little guys just planning out his day in the morning sun.
We having preying mantis everywhere here. I have a story of talking to one as a kid, and enjoying how interested he seemed in my story as he cocked his head from side to side. Then he flew at my face! I’ve been creeped out by these bugs ever since.
Another little strange-looking guy just for fun. I love all the weird creatures God has created!
I tried to really respect this one’s space. It was pretty big and has bright beautiful markings, so I thought it probably meant business!
Oliver, yelling at the chickens while he bathes in their water bowl!
They weren’t really sure what to make of him sitting there!

I never did see that hummingbird again, but I had fun practicing on my close-up shots! I took Oliver in to take a real bath, and now after making a mess at breakfast, he is ready for another!

Have a great day!