Welcome Cutie!

Recently we had such a special day! William and I were able to watch a chick hatch! It was such a sweet moment and I'm sure William was extra excited because it was naptime and because he was not napping like he was supposed to, he got to be the only kid to see it in person.


I alternated between taking videos and pictures with my camera and my phone. I was happy to see the shell cracking while the mother was up grabbing a bite to eat. She actually stayed off the nest the entire time the chick hatched. Even when the little peeps were getting loud, she would just cluck reassuringly and stay down on the floor. It made me realize how easy it is for hens to become mothers!












This sweet little chick was here with us for only a few short hours, but made such a big impact on our lives. I was sad to see another hen in the nest box and the chick had not survived. Some of life's biggest lessons are learned in these sad moments. I moved the hen to a safe cage and two more eggs also hatched. I'm happy to say the chicks and momma hen are doing well.