Gardening and Getting Rid of Clothes

Just the other day I dropped a bag of clothes at our local thrift store. I love that someone else can use the things we no longer need. I also love that I can turn around and shop at that same store for new-to-me items that I need. $5 fill-a-bag, yes please! Very important for a family on a budget!

I’ve been working hard to free up space in our home and it is wonderful to see the results. I recently went through my clothes and purged pieces that don’t fit or that don’t flatter my figure. I give no mercy, if you make me look frumpy or feel bad about myself, buh-bye! There are way too many clothes out there to keep something that makes us feel less than amazing, am I right?

I try on each piece and attempt to set up a complete outfit, down to my accessories and shoes, and then snap a picture of myself to remember what I liked. It saves a ton of time for me getting ready in the morning. Because I am a mother who usually takes forever to get ready, makes everyone late and then blames it on the kids, this is huge. And yes, I am that nerdy to take pictures of my outfits.


The kids are also seeing the benefit of less clothing. I have the kids help fold laundry and then put theirs away. ¬†Because we have been donating clothes, it doesn’t take as long to get the dreaded laundry chore done. It probably takes longer for me to actually start the job myself and get the kids involved without whining too much. I tell them, “We all hate folding laundry, let’s just get this done.” Then they roll their eyes, smile, and start folding. I’m pretty good at motivation.

And speaking of laundry, I now have less loads to wash. Less baskets of unfolded laundry sitting around staring at me, and no one has run out of underwear yet!

It will be great to have a little less work in the house, because more garden work is coming. We have been gathering zucchini and finally a few cucumbers are ready! I pick the cucumbers small to snack on. I’m trying to enjoy eating more foods fresh from the garden this year, rather than spending time canning and trying to preserve food.

The majority of the garden work will come from the sweet corn. It takes a lot of time to pick and clean and prepare and the first batch will be ready soon. I will probably be putting some of it up by flash steaming and freezing for later. Maybe the kids will eat it all and I won’t have to worry about it. It’s hard to tell with the appetite of our growing kids!

I am thankful that we are given so much, from our garden, to our clothing, and our warm and cozy house. I try to remember that and never take for granted the things we have been given. We have been blessed and hope you are also blessed in so many ways.

Have a great day!