Simplifying Our Lives

We have the need for so much more.

My whole life I have been adding more to my collection of things. I think it is great to surround ourselves with what we love, but I have been slowly changing my ways of collecting, to ways of determining what is really important to me. And what is worth my time and space to keep.

The more people we have added to our family, the less things we need. The less ‘things-per-person’ space we actually have. I want my kids to have the space to play and enjoy our home. I am slowly working on getting our home down to what we really need. It really resonates with me what The FlyLady says about why people love going on vacation. It’s the some of the same reasons I love camping. We need less stuff. We crave it.


The things I own have started to drag me down and take up too much of my time. I have to free myself so I love our home more and have more time to spend doing things I love. I want the tiny house mentality without the actual tiny house. At 1700 square feet, our house is far from huge, especially with 6 people in our family, but our mortgage is right around the cost of a tiny home anyway, so no need to downsize on indoor living space, right? I mean, where would I hide from my children when I need to recharge my introverted batteries? And how could I sneak chocolate in a tiny house without my kids knowing it? These are some really important life questions!

So I’m working toward living that life right now. The simple life. Where I don’t have to keep everything I think is beautiful. I can share things with others who need it more. I can appreciate a cute little sign, or household trinket without having to actually buy it and then try to find where to display it. I don’t have to spend hours a day cleaning!!

I’m going to break it down into three categories of simplification so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Clothes, kitchen, and toys. Oh my gosh the toys! I’m will be starting on clothes first because I do most of the laundry and I’m ready for less clothes to fold. I will have the kids go through toys with me a little bit everyday. And the kitchen stuff will be a joint effort with Bryan and myself. He loves to cook, so I can’t leave him out of the fun!

I can have so much more in life if I just let go of what really doesn’t matter. I can enjoy my kids and husband and wander around in the garden, without the burden of what isn’t being done on my long list of chores. I will work every day to free myself of too much stuff and start enjoying more of the life I love!