Monday Morning Homeschool

I wake up late and Bryan is already gone to work. There is still coffee in the pot, so I pour a cup and head to my quiet reading spot. It is nice and quiet and still dark outside so I turn on a lamp and hope the kids stay in bed for a while.

I read a chapter and then urge myself to get up and get going before all the kids are awake and I’m too far behind to ever catch up.  I hear the first creaking of our old attic steps as I’m getting dressed. My day has officially begun and I try to be cheerful about it even though I have only had one small cup of coffee and not enough alone time.

As kids trickle down to begin their day, I try not to turn into a drill sergeant of chores and assign them the quick job of putting shoes and toys away in the living room. The house is a disaster from the weekend where I let all my housework slide and pile up for the weekdays. It’s a really great plan! But I enjoy the freedom and rest on the weekend so I justify the mountain of laundry that can grow in such a short time.

I need to get the kids started on Math now, but the weather is threatening rain all day, so we will venture outside for a little science and PE first. Maybe we will find some objects to count while outdoors or have a question pop up while climbing a tree that has us considering a mathematical method of measuring height. It really is wonderful when you push through the work of a Monday morning and allow the true learning to begin.

Have a great start to your week!