Living in a Flood Plain 

When looking for a house to become your home, location is everything. Once we were married we began looking for someplace to call home.

We had a great little apartment in our little town. We lived in a historic building right above a little convenience store on Main Street. It was amazing. We could walk downstairs and buy candy and beer. We heard all the bustling of town in the early morning. Snow cones were only a few blocks away and friends could grab some beers and come visit whenever they wanted.

The only problem was we had met while riding our horses. And we were desperate for our own little place with some land and a barn for the horses.

I found an old farmhouse that was in dire need of repair and in the exact location we were looking for. The only draw-back to our dream home, besides the shattered windows,  lack of any heating or cooling, and massive amounts of trash left in the house, was the requirement for flood insurance and the knowledge that our home could, and had been through, multiple floods throughout its 130 plus years since being built.

It helps to keep things in perspective for me. We had a really close call in recent years with the water levels. When you imagine the contents of your home and what you would want to save and what you would leave behind, it makes it easier to minimize and get down to the basics. That and we have 6 people in our family and the more people we add to our family, the less stuff I can handle!

My ultimate goal is to use our situation to keep the people I love as top priority in our household. We like our home, we like our stuff, but we love our people.