Quiet Days

Lately we’ve been waking up to the beautiful sight of a quiet snowfall. It hasn’t been enough to play in, so we’ve been sipping hot cocoa and watching the flakes drift by the window pane.

We’ve had a pretty good thing going with our homeschool schedule and weather, so this cold snap is changing it up for us a bit.

My kids are all young right now, so our schedule seems to change a lot. You know how it goes with little ones in the house. As soon as you get a good routine going, somebody stops taking naps, or the weather changes, and you start all over trying to fit everything in.

I’ve found if I can keep up with my own housework schedule then all these little changes don’t bother me so much. I’m weird like that. I hate change. And I hate schedules. But if I get off track it’s a big chaotic mess and no one has clean underwear.

And no one wants that.

So, I’m trying to instill some good habits in myself and my children so we can all enjoy this time in our homeschool years.

Because it is already going by so fast and these days of slowing down and sipping our hot chocolate are sometimes just what we need.

Lots of love,



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