Manual Focus

Yesterday was warm and we are finally recovering from our weeks of winter sickness. Oh the joys of being a mom to four little germy kids.

So, we went outside for some sunshine and fresh air.

I’ve been noticing some bee activity lately and I spotted this little guy who looked weighted down with pollen.

I’ve been trying to use some more of the manual features of my camera. So I took a bunch of out of focus pictures and finally was able to get this. It isn’t great, but it shows his cute little bee legs pretty clearly.


I only have my kit lenses so far, so I try to work with what I have. And what I have is a $200 clearance camera with two lenses. A Sony Alpha 3000 to be exact. It does everything I need so far and I’ve been able to take great family pictures for free.

That’s really all a mom needs.

So, back to our morning outside, the kids played in the dirt and I found it super hard to get any picture to turn out in focus because the kids move so much. I do love the auto features for daily use with my kids.

I always try to remember to return the setting to auto so my camera is ready to go. And try to remember to return the SD card to the camera after using it in the computer. Which I’m not great at.

I’m not great at most things.

Here’s one that I was the happiest with. Look at those little grubby baby hands. Love those!


Before we went in for naps, I stopped at shed and tried a few more pictures with still subjects. I really liked the detail I was able to capture by telling my camera where to focus.

I set the focus on the yellow emblem on the front of this old Oliver, and I like the way this turned out. The just love the patina of an old tractor!


Have you tried any manual settings on your camera yet? I’m far from an expert and would love to hear your tips!

Have a great weekend,