Little Helpers

Last night we had a big Springtime storm come through. The kind where the wind beats the rain so hard against the window you worry it may shatter.

You don’t get much sleep because the you are thinking about the animals and the kids. But they all sleep just fine.

It’s so great when the warmer weather starts though isn’t it. When you remember what it feels like to spend all evening outside instead of huddled up in the house all winter long.

The kids can go out and help their dad and give you a moment of peace. Of course you are probably doing something fun like working on that mountain of laundry or cooking supper, but still, it’s quiet in the house again.

Maybe you run around with your camera and take a few weird pictures while you have the chance.



Or maybe you just try to take a minute to rest before someone comes in for a drink or a snack. They’re always hungry!

Whatever you choose, enjoy the quiet and recharge however you can on these beautiful days. Because pretty soon, you’re going to have a lot more laundry to do!

So thankful for little helpers!