Starting our Lavender

I successfully grew one lavender plant last year, so after perusing Pinterest and finding some gorgeous photos of herbs drying in an old barn, I’ve decided to start and try to grow as much lavender as possible.

We have an old barn, some extra dirt, and I am a decent at growing plants. So, we’ll see how this all goes!

A few weeks ago we had our first little tiny, baby lavender!


We’ve had some really mild weather days, so I’ve been trying to get the new plants outside for some full sunshine and the breeze. I want my young lavender to be strong for transplanting and the wind will help them to grow strong stems.


But most of their time is spent in a south-facing window in the house. I try to run a fan or open the window when I can to keep my little plants healthy.


I’m hopeful that I will end up with a nice little plot of lavender to enjoy on a breezy summer day.

All the little signs of Spring have me really ready for days out digging in the dirt.



Bruno helped me get a few pictures of the new blooms and growth around here.


Including our peppermint.


Stinky Cat could really care less about helping me with anything though.


Have a great weekend!