Photography Fun!

I head out to the barn for the morning chores. I can hear the muffled sounds of the radio as I get closer. We know a skunk has been camping out in there lately and we are hoping to run it off with the noise. Ha! It’s always something out here.

I see the skunk through a gap in the wall and run to get my camera. With the zoom lens. I like getting wildlife pictures, but well ya know it’s a skunk.

This is the best I could get with the low light in the barn and my fear of being sprayed. Can you see the tiny tuft of fur from the stowaway, hiding among my children’s bikes? Awesome.


You may not even be able to really see it in this picture, but the skunk is not really the point to this story anyway. Just the reason I grabbed my camera.

I see the sunrise blaze through the barn window and hurry to get a few shots in this beautiful morning light.

Around the corner I take a quick picture just because the sunrise is such a fast event. I take a lot of pictures in hopes that a few will turn out good. I really love sunrise and sunset right now.

I love the way branches appear to curl around light in photographs. Reminds me of a spiderweb.


I try a few shots of the old barn with the sun at my back, but I’m not happy with the orange tint I get so I move on.


The cats are following me around, like always, so I decide to snap a few pictures. I see this little girl sitting on a mound of earth. Such a little sweetie. The kids named her Scooty, because she is fast and really scoots! Kids make it so great when you take pets to the vet and have to explain all the strange names of your animals.


Another kitty decides to creep up. His name is Bruno and he is one of those big cuddly boy cats who will let you hold him like a baby for a bit. Love!

Scooty hides when she sees Bruno.


Clearly she had a plan.


She pounced back, and I clicked at just the right time! It was a fun time for pictures this morning. And that is what it is all about.

Have a great day, and go out and play in the sunlight!